Equal Opportunity

We believe that both surface and deep level diversities exist in our workplace. We value this diversity and we also wish to play our part in making sure that people are treated fairly and equally so that they can be successful. The university is actively committed to work towards eliminating unfair and unlawful direct or indirect discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity for all throughout the organization. We will try to ensure that:

  • No person is treated less favorably than another on the grounds of race, tribal, gender, ability disability, nationality, ethnic and cultural origin, religious beliefs, age, social class, marital status, and union membership.
  • Any person who is severely disadvantaged will be provided with the necessary support to enable them to achieve their potential.
  • The composition of the workforce at all levels broadly reflects the community it serves.
  • Students, employees and job applicants are treated fairly and consistently and are not subjected to unjustified conditions or requirements.
  • All services we provide to students are not unfairly and unlawfully discriminatory.
  • In awarding contracts to outside organizations, we will give due recognition to their practice regarding equality of opportunity within their organization.
  • All University members, employees, students, outside organizations including contractors are made aware of their rights and responsibilities under existing legislation and the University Equal Opportunities Policy.