Transfer applicant

Transfer from other Universities

All applicants who are currently attending or have previously attended another university and passed Nugaal University’s requirements and conditions are considered transfer applicants and may apply for transfer admission to Nugaal University. Transfer credit may only be considered if the applicant is admitted as a Transfer student. Transfer applicants may apply for either fall or spring semesters and are eligible for undergraduate admission only.

Transfer to Nugaal University Requirements

  1. The respective University must be recognized and accredited and equivalent to Nugaal University
  2. Any applicant, who is joining Nugaal University as a transferred student, must have a General Secondary School Certificate from a nationally recognized high school or its equivalent.
  3. He must completed a minimum of 18 credit hours and attended a minimum of one semester (Fall or Spring) of undergraduate coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 out of 4.00 at a university accredited by the National Higher Education of Somaliland or other international accrediting association or by the Ministry of Higher Education or equivalent authority in that country.
  4. Official transcript and all necessary documents must be sent to Nugaal University
  5. NU registrar shall contact the respective University for verification
  6. If there is any differences in credit Hours of courses, it will be managed by dean and academic affairs
  7. This student will add or drop courses accordingly, based on NU curriculum
  8. The student will pay 20 dollars admission fee and Semester fee accordingly.
  9. Applicants who were subject to disciplinary action or non-academic dismissal at a prior university/college may not apply or enroll at Nugaal University as a transfer student.
  10. The transferred candidate has to submit required documents before the admission deadline.

Required Documents Checklist

  1. He or she must submit an  Admissions Application with a registration fee
  2. He or she has to submit final, official and certified university transcript
  3. He or she must submit two (2) recent identical passport size photographs

Transfer between Nugaal University Faculties

  1. The deans at the faculties of Nugaal University can approve an application to transfer into a course for which they are responsible from another course at the University but the agreement of the academic and registrar of Nugaal University.
  2. When making decisions on applications to transfer between courses, factors that the dean considers include:
  3. the availability of places;
  4. prerequisites and other admission requirements for the course;
  5. any regulatory requirements;
  6. the minimum entry requirements for the course; and
  7. The academic competitiveness of the applicant.