The university logo

Elucidation of the Logo of Nugaal University

The encompassing circle that surrounds the components of the official logo of Nugaal University symbolises globalisation and its universal significance for the global citizens.

The upper part white pigmentation inside the circle of the logo symbolises peace and represents its contribution to sustainable human development and transparency of educational justice.

The green hue in the central point and lower part of the logo stands for multi-dimensional development.

The black flaming emblem with white light in it which stands above the NU symbolises the power of education and how it eradicates the danger of illiteracy and emancipates the global community from the risk of innumeracy.

The short form NU under the emblem is the abbreviation of Nugaal University.

The two stars on either sides of the abbreviation symbolise the educated manpower and human resources that the university produces and the thin black line at the edge of the circle symbolises the harm of ignorance and how the university liberates the community from it.