Sharia & Islamic Studies

The Objectives of the Faculty:

  • To disseminate Islamic culture and address the destructive ideologies and extremist approaches.
  • To produce qualified cadres of judges, preachers, imams of mosques and teachers.
  • To consider the female sector and produce a generation of female teachers, female caretakers, female preachers and female elites who can contribute to the positivity of the community.
  • To participate in the advocacy programmes by holding trainings, seminars, lectures and symposiums for the sustainable peace and development of the wide community.
  • To contribute to the awareness of the community and educate them on what benefits them in the different areas of life and transform them positively.
  • To teach the students of the faculty how to write scientific research based on academic grounds.


The Curriculum of the Faculty:

The curriculum of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies of Nugaal University is fully compatible with the curriculum of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies of Islamic University in Madina, with the additional courses such as English language and computer programmes that are taught as university requirements.

The Establishment of the Faculty

With the permission of the Almighty God, the faculty was established in 2007 with a number of Islamic scholars and sheikhs from the community. The number of female and male graduates from the faculty reached 120 graduates by the end of the first semester, 2015/2016. Four batches graduated from the faculty and the numbers of the currently enrolled students studying at the faculty are 200 regular students. The said graduates from the faculty satisfied the needs of the society in the areas of justice, education and imamate and they hold privileged positions in the region and other parts of the country where they play contributive roles in the nation.

The Academic Staff of the Faculty:

The current total numbers of the teaching staffs that are working at the faculty are 12 members who consist of professors, lecturers and teaching assistants. Some of the professors of the faculty are former lecturers at prestigious universities such as the Islamic University in Madina, and the Qassim Private colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Postgraduate Programmes of the Faculty:

In March 2015, the faculty opened the doors of admission for the graduates from the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies of Nugaal University by admitting them to a Higher Diploma Programme in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence. The courses studied at the Postgraduate Diploma of Nugaal University are compatible with the postgraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies of the Islamic University in Madina – Saudi Arabia.

In 2016, after completion of the first batch of post graduate diploma the faculty decided to complete master program for those already completed their postgraduate diploma by completing one year of dissertation preparation.


The Aspirations of the Faculty:

The faculty is looking forward to completing Phd Degree of Comparative Jurisprudence programme, as well as opening the door of admission to a Postgraduate Diploma and Master in Islamic Banking, as soon as it will be able.