• Objective
  • Scope
  • Authority
  • Principles of selection
  • Minimum entry requirements
The objectives of this policy are to: Provide a framework to ensure the integrity of selection and admissions decisions; Set clear responsibilities and accountabilities for selection and admissions decisions; and Ensure that selection and admissions processes are transparent and decisions are consistent and fair.
This policy applies to the selection and admission of applicants to all University accredited courses.
This policy is made under the Nugaal University Academic Board Regulation and supports compliance with the: *National Higher Education Commission Decrees *Ministry of education and higher studies policies
The University's committed to maintaining internationally recognized high academic standards in its courses. To this end the University: Selects students from among the pool of applicants those who are deemed most likely to be able to succeed in its courses; and Selects academically capable students into research programs only where appropriate supervisory expertise and resources are available.