President Message

at the Nugaal University has been an inspiring and fulfilling to my
academic life, to be of service to the youth in Sool Region and its
surrounding environs, close and distant, through the provision of high
quality tertiary education, expertise, guidance and mentorship.

I received the honour of being the President of Nugaal University back
in 2007. Despite many challenges, I duly accepted this role as the
president of this university, being entrusted with the moral responsibility of leading this
productive institution, in supporting the university to live to its vision and mission of
endeavoring to provide the direly needed high quality education and research in
academic excellence. I took up my duty and resolved to the work with optimistic
ambition and bravery towards prospering Nugaal University, which was then at its
nascent stage as the only institution of higher education in this region.
As our society heads towards great social transformation and educational reform, there
are equally promising and varied positive expectations and demands being placed on
the university to contribute to the conflict resolution of both resource-based and land-
based disputes as well as inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic crises, in order to solve any
identifiable socio –economic and political problems in the whole region, at our academic
level. The university is not only a learning institution, but, it is committed to the social
stability, communal harmony and grassroots interaction and interrelation of the local
population for the sake of societal peace and sustainable development. To ensure this,
we prioritise peace-building techniques and academic negotiation. As a responsible
higher education institution, Nugaal University is also committed to train capable
individuals and academic cadres with high calibre. We, the local academicians, have
been working on strengthening the university’s capacity and building its infrastructure
since its inception in 2004. However, the university concentrates on creating and
developing realistic and reliable programmes which seriously address the needs of the
local community and the nation, in all possible aspects of life. As of the long-term
strategy of the university, its overall focus is on successful education and to be globally
competitive, innovative and leading institution. In achieving our mission and realising
our universal vision of global competitiveness, we are now enhancing our academic
capacity and uplifting it to a nationally dependable standard to suit international

To realize this, the university has taken several initiatives such as the establishment of a
research unit that facilitates scientific research in collaboration with other universities,
local, regional and international. We have joint cooperation with our counterparts for the
sake of academic progress and educational expertise. In addition to that, the university
is privileged to have partners who support it in running its programmes as human
capacity-building is a milestone in our academic mission and vision.
In terms of human resource, each and every department of the university has highly
qualified lecturers and administrators, hired on their academic professionalism and
personal merits. Impartially, we select our staff as per their successful performances.
In conclusion, as I stare at the road ahead of our university over the next 5 years, while
embracing big ideas and ambitious dreams, I endeavour to gain the understanding and
cooperation of all members of the university, so that we can take this university to
greater heights and achieve the good expectations that are in the offing for us.