Background Information

Overview of Nugaal University

Location: Nugaal University locates in the mountainous historical city of Lasanod – the headquartersof Sool Region. This historic city has significant historical importance for the population of the region. As a national defensive line, it once served as the logistical centre and overall base of operation for the Dervish resistance, led and commanded by Sayid Mohamed Abdille Hassan, during the pre-independence colonial era.


Culturally:Lasanodis a traditional city and it had great literary and artistic interests for the late Au-Jama Omar Isse, the famous collector of Somali oral poetry, historian, anthropologist and scholar; as such, this city contributed to the development of the Somali linguistic and literature.Lasanod and its surrounding areas was base for great, famous poets and the most influential and the oldest poet in the region, Jama Kadie, is now based in this city. Moreover, the traditional chiefs and sultans of the region are usually anointed under acacias that locate in the southwestern direction of the Buurta Sayidka (Mountain of the Sayid) in the city. So, Lasanod, in itself, is an attractive amenity for global historians, researchers, writers, poets and archaeologists.


Recognition:As an academic institution, providing higher education, Nugaal University was officiallyand constitutionally recognised in 2004.  After getting the required legal endorsement from the concerned bodies, the birth of the long-awaited institution was lively launched and celebrated for by the people of Sool region, in their all walks of life.


Regional Rank: Nugaal University is currently ranked as number two in the whole universities and colleges of the Somalia for its popularity, educational gains and learning excellence. Since its establishment, the University of Nugaal has been at the forefront of learning and innovation. It is a leading institution at the level of the region and the first choice for students of Sool Region because of its brilliant education and reliable system.


Academic Significance:Today’s world is facing increasingly complex problems that demand durable solutions, often dependent on the bringing together of a range of learning skills and disciplines for academic significance and human development. With this in mind, the University of Nugaal has defined a learning strategy that encourages interdisciplinary research, taking advantages of the knowledge and facilities at its disposal, concentrating on our limited resources to ensure educational success. Since it teaches the largest number of students in Lasanod, it is proud of its mission and vision.


Archaeological Importance: The location of the university is very important in terms of archaeological studies, since there are archaeological sites, preserved by nature and surviving for centuries, in almost every part of Sool Region.There are two main historical sites near the city. One is in Golharfo and the other is in Gubtayalei. These historical sites with two enormous decorated caves date back to the Stone Age as can be depicted from the surviving paintings. Their historical and archaeological significances are clearly mentioned in ‘The Origin and History of the Somali People’ by Ibrahim Ali. However, the eyes of Nugaal University Research Unit are on these essential sites for historical and archaeological studies to safeguard our civilisation and history for the future generations.

There are surviving centenarians who are familiar with the histories and topographies of the sites in the city of Lasanod alone. As Lasanod is gateway to Somali archaeological sites and anthropological studies, the university is ready to welcome any national and international researchers interested in these potentials for academic purpose and scientific study per se.



Contribution to Conflict Resolution and Peace-building:The University is situated in a city over which Somaliland, Puntland and Khatumo are disputing. The city is now under the administration and leadership of Somaliland which took over its administration from Puntland after heavy battles between them in 2007. Prior to that, Puntland was ruling Lasanod. Despite this, the Ali Khalif-led Khatumo State of Somaliais claiming the ownership of the city. On the basis of this territorial dispute, Nugaal University,which is a neutral and non-political institution with efficient expertise in inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic conflict resolution and crisis management, is ready to conduct academic studies on conflict resolution and peace-building for its academic contribution to our regional peace. Since the University has reliable peace researchers and experts on conflict studies, we are ready to cooperate with all peace-loving institutions in the region and beyond.