Bachelor of Economy and Political Science

It is true, we have been living with in a very dynamic world in which things are always on the changes and unless we are making our utmost effort to cope with what the time requires, we cannot discharge our responsibilities properly- producing skilled manpower that has capabilities of solving time-born problems and their complexities to maintain the multi-dimensional wellbeing of our society and the nation as a whole to produce such a skilled manpower , updating teaching – learning process framing it in a way that addresses the current academic needs and requirements of employers of our graduates is mandatory.



To be a centre of excellence in training Professionals of Economics, Politics, research, consultancy and community development thereby contributing the needed input in building a middle income country.



The mission of the department is to train students in the field of Economics and Politics and contribute to the need of trained professionals that can facilitate the building of economy and development of the country.


The faculty offers a BA degree in Economics and Political Science with the objective that the graduates will serve any well-organized institution with their knowledge of Economics and Politics. The graduates are expected to use their knowledge with a reasonable degree of accuracy and conduct economic researches for the achievement of the goal of the institution they are belonging to. Besides, the faculty intends to provide community and professional services for its surrounding society.


 Objectives of the program

The main objective of the program to produce qualified man power that can solve the country’s socio-economic problems with the following specific objectives;


Specific objectives: On the completion of the program, the graduates will:

  • Have the knowledge of assessing and understanding the ongoing and timely economic and political issues at societal, national and global level.
  • Have the analytical capacity of proposing solutions to economic and political problems that occur both at societal and national levels.
  • Be expected to undertake research in areas of their specialization that they are asked, and come up with tangible results.
  • Be able to plan and execute tasks related with their field of specialization
  • Be able to pursue their further studies in any field of economics, politics, statistics or other related fields.
  • Have the required skills to accomplish their tasks in organizations that employ them
  • Be able to deliver or teach courses that are pertinent to the field of economics

Also act in an ethical manner in the work place and other places too.

  • Be able to use their knowledge of entrepreneurship to plan, organize and establish business activities of their own

Admission criteria

The candidates must:

  • Complete high school education successfully with average score of at least “C”
  • Meet the other set criteria of the Nugaal University to join the program
  • Able to pass the entrance exam set by the University
  • Have full interest to serve the community

The pass mark in each course shall be 50%. 

A student is deemed to have passed the year if she/he obtains at least 50% of the marks in each of the courses individually. 


The Bachelor’s degree is awarded after taking into account the results of all the courses in all the years and comprises the following components:

The GPA system of classification will be: 

Grade Grade Point Range
A 4 85 & above
B 3 70 – 84.99
C 2 60- 69.99
D 1 50 – 59.99
F 0 Below 50

YEAR I, Semester-I

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
1 POS 1101           Introduction to Political Science 3
2 MGT1102        Principles of Management 3
3 ECO1103          Principles of Microeconomics 3
4 MATH1104     Pre-Calculus 3
5 ENG1105           Freshman English I 3
6 ARA1106         Arabic 3
Total Credit: 18


YEAR I, Semester-II

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
1 POS 1207             Government and Politics in Africa 3
2 COMP1208          Introduction to Computers 3
3 ECON1209          Principles of Macroeconomics 3
4 MATH1210         Calculus 3
5 ENG1211              Freshman English II 3
6 ISL1212                         Islamic Studies 3
Total Credit: 18






YEAR II, Semester-I

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
ECON2113      Intermediate Microeconomics I 3
POS2114         Political Economy and African Development 3
POS2115         Comparative political Systems 3
ENG2116        Sophomore Eng I 3
MATH2117       Mathematical methods for Economics 3
ECON2118      Economic Development I 3
Total Credit: 18




YEAR II, Semester-II

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
1 ECON2219      Intermediate Macroeconomics I 3
2 ECON2220      Economic Development II 3
3 MATH2221     Statistics for Economics 3
4 POS2222         Classical and Modern Political Thought 3
5 POS2223          Introduction to Political Thought 3
6 ENG2224       Sophomore Eng II 3
Total Credit: 18


YEAR III,  Semester – I

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
1 ECON3125      Intermediate  Microeconomics II 3
2 MATHT3126   Introduction to econometrics 3
3 ECON3127      Money and Banking 3
4 COMP3128      Computer Skills for Economics 3
5 ECON3129      History of Economics Thought 3
6 POS3130        Constitutionalism and Political development 3
Total Credit: 18


YEAR III, Semester-II

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
1 ECON3231      Economic Planning and Policy 3
2 MATH3232     Applied  Econometrics 3
3 POS3233         Theory and Practice of Democracy in Africa 3
4 ECON3234        International Economics 3
5 MGT3235        Research Methodology 3
6 ECON3236      Intermediate  Macroeconomics II 3
Total Credit: 18


YEAR IV, Semester-I

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
1 FIN4137           Islamic Banking and Finance 3
2 ECON4138       Nation Economy 3
3 ECON4139      Project design and  analysis 3
4 POS4140           Globalisation and development 3
5 POS4141           Technology and social change 3
6 ECON4142      Managerial Economics 3
Total Credit: 18


YEAR IV, Semester-II

S# Code        Course Title Pre-Req Credit Hrs
1 POS4243           Human rights 3
2 ECON4244        Public Sector Econ 3
3 ECON4245      Monetary Policy and Practice 3
4 POS4246           Constitutional law 3
5 PROJ4247        Research Project 6
Total Credit: 18