Research Networks

“Connecting minds”

SomaliREN is a non-­profit organization whose primary goal is to promote research and quality higher education among the Somalis. It is a network whose members include the major Somali higher education institutions and exists for the sole purpose of bringing them together to collaborate on issues that matter not only to them but to the Somali community at large. READ MORE

IPRA is the largest and most established global professional organisation in the field of peace research, a field that is addressed from a wide range of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Founded in 1964, IPRA developed from a conference organized by the “Quaker International Conferences and Seminars” in Clarens, Switzerland, 16-20 August 1963.The participants decided to hold international Conferences on Research on International Peace and Security (COROIPAS), which would be organized by a Continuing Committee similar to the Pugwash Conferences. READ MORE


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