Research Institute

Nugaal University Research Institute (NURI) was established in the year 2007 to address pertinent issues and to bring future researches and educationalist in to the country and horn of Africa, Nugaal University Research Institute (NURI) is committed to create new knowledge and provide solutions to community problems, with associated international research institutions, partnership universities and local community.

Nugaal University Research Institute (NURI) promotes and facilitates leading-edge research across all faculties and departments of Nugaal University; it also coordinates and develops networks between the research centers and researchers with include higher education institutes, NGOs and international organizations whom interesting to conduct research field together.

Nugaal University Research Institute (NURI) provides sufficient support for, a community of innovative researchers to enhance research capacity at the university and to increase internal and external research opportunities, with acting as the nexus between the university and the community with respect and mutual benefits

Concerning the dissemination of research knowledge, NURI acts in complementary ways: Organizing initiatives and events, organizing debates, conducting trainings, and vacillating public lectures, using effective communication elaborating research findings.


The main objective of the NURI is to be to provide research services for the University and the horn of Africa.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To train young researchers in various fields disciplines.
  2. To gain local knowledge and local solutions to various community problems
  3. To establish a platform of debate and knowledge dissemination
  4. To develop role of research in the policy making, planning and implantations
  5. Understand the role of knowledge of research in the various academic programs including; education, social sciences, management, technology and medicine
  6. To enhance the research activities of every faculty and students, and contribute to the quarterly papers on the future time.

The following are the strategic objectives that this Research Strategy intends to achieve:

  • Encourage interaction with, and attract eminent scholars of repute who will catalyses research activities, and raise the research profiles of the various research groups in different areas of excellence, to ensure that the University conducts research that makes a difference;
  • Guide the University to undertake research in teams which will be supported to develop into areas of excellence In fields of national and regional importance and in line with our national rebuilding policies;
  • Assist different research teams to evolve, develop and start their research agenda, so as to grow to their optimum levels;
  • Encourage interaction of researchers across different disciplines, while focusing on areas of strength favoring high quality research that addresses practical issues of a fragile country like Somalia;
  • Enhance the human and physical capital of the University in support of its research activities, which integrate fundamental research with the use and exploitation of the University’s knowledge base for maximum results, thereby increase the proportion of staff engaging in internationally excelling research;
  • Improve research funding, and the overall financial return in investing on research, particularly in core research areas as well as in emerging fields;
  • Promote research collaboration within the University, and with the private and public sectors, and any associated strategic alliances, in order to encourage commercial exploitation of the University’s research outputs;
  • Establish an interface that embraces knowledge transfer alongside research and teaching in order to ensure that the learning of our students benefits from frontier knowledge and technologies; and
  • Develop a framework of quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation which will continuously inform the University on progress made regarding its research strategic objectives.

Nugaal University has developed a focused research program that is multi-purpose and draws on the University’s immense proficiency. NURI focuses on a specific problem that may cut across several disciplines are given priority on the Regional needs or Social economic growth and development across the country and selected themes like:

  • Good Governance and Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
  • Sustainable Development
  • Education for Development
  • Community Health & Population Issues
  • Historical and Social Cultural Issue
  • Agricultural & Rural Development
  • Islam and Muslim Issue
  • Environmental and Climate Change
  • Social Protection and Community Development
  • Macro Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Computer science with appropriate Technology

Other Basic Research activities in NURI

  1. Workshops and Seminars
  2. Public Lectures
  3. Research Studies
  4. Base line Surveys
  5. Feasibility Studies
  6. Impact Assessments
  7. Opinion Surveys
  8. Public Debates etc.