Cancellation or Admission withdrawal

The Academic Registrar or a dean (in the case of graduate research courses) may withdraw an offer or cancel the admission and enrollment of a student where:

  1. the person fails to provide documents or to fulfil other requirements specified in the offer of admission by the specified date;
  2. the offer of admission has been made based on incomplete, inaccurate or fraudulent information provided by the person or a third party on behalf of the person;
  3. the person fails to enroll in accordance with the offer of admission by the specified date;
  4. the person arrives late for a teaching period or does not engage with or genuinely begin his or her studies before a date determined and advised by the University;
  5. in the reasonable opinion of a dean or the Academic Registrar the person is holding open, or intends to hold open, his or her offer or enrolment for purposes other than genuine study;
  6. a dean or the Academic Registrar determines that it is necessary or reasonable to withdraw the offer in order to fulfill regulatory or administrative requirements or guidelines; or
  7. a dean becomes aware that appropriate supervision or other resources are no longer available to support the applicant’s admission; or
  8. The course is withdrawn from offer as a result of a University decision.
  9. Any action taken under this section must be notified in writing to the student.