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Overview of Nugaal University Guest House

Location: Our guest house locates by the side of the main tarmacked road which potentially connects together the entire major towns and cities of the other regions of the country. It is situated in the city centre and a stone’s throw to Rays Restaurant and other public amenities of the city such as the shopping centres and the major bookshops of Lasanod. In addition to that, in the southeast of our guest house is the historical Buurta Sayidka (Mountain of Sayid), named after the founder and leader of the Dervish Resistance, Sayid Mohamed Abdille Hassan. The summit of this mountain was where the special guards of the Sayid were based and their sentry located for many years, while they were resisting and repulsing the British colonial infantries and cavalries.

Initiation: The property was rented and then initiated by Nugaal University in 2008, as part of the generosity of the institution to its foreign lecturers and visiting professors. Our senior lecturers from other parts of the country and alien professors are usually accommodated in our furnished single rooms. However, part of the building is run as a normal hotel, where businessmen, bourgeois figures and VIPs can rent, while on their business commissions, attending conferences or visiting the historic city.  Also, our research unit is based in the ground floor of this building and operates in the premises of the guest house.

Rooms: Our guest house consists of twenty-two rooms; three out of the twenty-two are family bedrooms. The rest are single rooms. Our rooms are deluxe and trendy to the standard of our region. They have toilets and bathrooms inside, with showers of 24 hours running water. Some are small single rooms with single beds and some are spacious single rooms with double beds. Our rooms are cleaned and disinfected on daily basis by our job-oriented chambermaids.

Services: Our guest house is equipped with wireless internet connection; therefore, our customers can enjoy free access to a high speed internet, as long as they live in our modernised guest house. This is for the comfort and satisfaction of our clients and their connection to the global affairs; any time they feel like. In addition to that, the clothes of our customers are cleaned on demand by our cleaners. Our receptionists and staffs of the guest house are very friendly and ready to address any challenge faced by our customers and meet their demands. As our IT department also operates in parts of the ground floor, our computer engineers maintain and troubleshoot the laptops of our customers on agreement. Above all, the library of Nugaal University is situated in the ground floor of the premises and our bookish customers can enjoy reading the multiple books in it.

Security wise: In general, the people of Lasanod are peace-loving and Nugaal University is non-political and non-partisan academic institution; therefore, our guest house is safe and sound. Anyhow, the safety of our customers is our priority. This in mind, we welcome all non-political professionals for the sake of exchanging knowledge with them for the benefit and progress of our society.

Expectations: There are great expectations in our minds for the comfort of our customers, and one of this, is providing bed and breakfast in the near future. If you would like to book a room in our guest house, contact our job-oriented receptionists, ready for your service, through the following numbers:


NB: Your comfort is our priority.