Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance and Examination Office of Nugaal University is a potential academic and administrative office that is solely responsible for the general academic and administrative enhancement of the quality of tertiary education and its conformance with the international standard of the quality of higher education institutions in the contemporary world. This significant unit is also the organ of the university that assures the examination policies, rules and regulations for the general positive transformation of all the varied departments of Nugaal University (NU).


The Examination Office was formed when Nugaal University was founded in 2004. It was a functional office under the department of Academic Affairs; but the Quality Assurance organ, which is a significant affiliate of the university, was established on 3rd of September 2015. After the meeting of the senate of the university, the Examination Office and the Quality Assurance organ were merged into one unit.

Past and Present Directors of the Quality Assurance and Examination Office

Mr Muse Biyara, who was educated at a university in Uganda and was hired by Nugaal University as a lecturer, was the first director that was then appointed for the leadership of this unit. The second director, who is now running the combined Quality Assurance and Examination Office of Nugaal University, is Mr Mohamed Abdikadir Daud, who was educated at Sudanese universities in Khartoum – Sudan.

Tasks of the Office

  • Maintenance of the tertiary educational provisions offered by Nugaal University and its standardisation and conformance with the modern international standard of higher education institutions in the world.
  • Verification and monitoring of the formal procedures of the quality of the human resources and their input and output for the intended standard.
  • Delivery of the potential agreed input for the fitness of planned out.
  • Sustainability of high quality curriculum of the university with the execution of high quality human resources whose professionalism checked and or confirmed for assurance. This is because of the continuity of the improvement of higher education (HE) at the university level.
  • Conformance of quality assurance with the quality control of Nugaal University for the sake of achievement of the agreed standards of NU.
  • Compatibility of quality enhancement of NU with its quality assessment. This is because of the positive change of the university with the expertise and professionalism of both internal and external evaluators at its disposal.
  • Setting and keeping the security of the final examinations of NU.
  • Hiring of external invigilators for transparence and justice of the exam.
  • Observing and monitoring the whole process, during examinations.
  • Setting the policies of substitution and supplementary examinations.
  • Putting conflict resolution procedures in place for quality assurance and bilateral cooperation of the students and lecturers of Nugaal University.
  • Developing both institutional accreditation and programmatic accreditation of Nugaal University, for the sake of educational and administrative relevance towards the assurance of quality in factors of the process.

Applied Approaches

  • Developing of specific programmes for the clarification of the students’ knowledge and performance. This is because of the conformance of the professional input of the instructors with the reliable output of the students.
  • Designing of high quality procedures and fitting them with arrangements in function, for the sake of Nugaal University’s quality assurance in all aspects.
  • Developing methods of evaluation for Nugaal University for the sake of the maintenance of quality assurance and conforming it to the expected result by means of fostered curriculum and improved course, with the provision of high level research and scholarly activities. This is controlled and assured with planning, implementation and evaluation for enhancement of QA.
  • Promoting of public confidence with the conformance of high qualifications.
  • Ensuring of sustainable monitoring and evaluation for high quality assurance that can transform the programmes of the university, for departmental and subject improvement and reviews, with the right knowledge and performance. This is because of standardisation of NU level of provision.