Strategic Plan

For an academic institution to survive and achieve its strategic objectives, it needs to overcome the challenges it faces in a relatively volatile social, political, economic and demographic environment with the best academic and administrative talents and skills possible.

To attain the strategic objectives of NU, the ultimate goal is to:

  • Become a very robust and strong institution capable of weathering the challenges it faces in its academic, social and political environment.
  • Achieve excellence in services’ delivery.
  • Contribute to and be conducive to the well-being of the society and the public good.

Therefore, the University needs to identify its strategic areas of performance in the coming five years. In visualizing its future shape and position guided by its vision and mission, the University has – after a wide consultation with all departments and faculties – appropriately spotted the following seven strategic performance areas:

  • Research and
  • Teachingand
  • Governanceand
  • FinancialResource
  • Infrastructureand Physical
  • Admissionsand Marketing.
  • Public Engagement and External Relations.

For each performance area, the University has set up strategic goals, objectives and their corresponding performance indicators in addition to the strategies adopted (actions taken) and who will be responsible for the implementation of particular strategies.